Daily trading data

View daily trading dataAs the Market Operator we publish daily price and trading data, as well as daily power demand data to help ensure there is transparency across power pricing and generator distribution.

Current and forecast demand in Alice Springs

The above forecasts are prepared by the System Controller for the purposes of system security, in particular allowing the System Controller and other entities responsible for system security to monitor the volatility of power system demand.  [However they are just one of the tools used by the System Controller for such purposes and, viewed in isolation, are not a sufficient basis for decision making.] The forecasts are developed, in part, from information provided to the System Controller by third parties and the System Controller does not verify the accuracy of this information.  As forecasts of this nature are inherently subject to error and degrees of unreliability, no assumption can be made that actual events will reflect a forecast.  The System Controller takes no responsibility for the use of the forecasts for any other purpose than managing system security and makes no representation the forecasts are appropriate or reasonable for use for any purpose other than management of system security.