The following procedures and guidelines are published in accordance with the System Control Technical Code.

You can email any enquiries to the Market Operator.

The Settlement Statements and Timetable Procedure
All Market Customers (Retailers) and Generators need to register with the Market Operator to participate in the Interim Northern Territory Energy Market (I-NTEM).
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Secure System Guidelines Version 4.2
Sets out the principles for determining whether a Power System operated under Licence from the NT Utilities Commission is in a Secure Operating State.
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Plant Outage Procedure
The Plant Outage Procedure specifies the processes for System Participants to gain approval for generation, transmission, or distribution plant outages.
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NMI Allocation Procedure
It's our responsibility to manage the wholesale exchange of electricity and to provide daily publication of market prices and other wholesale trading data.
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Meter data substitution and estimation procedure
Metering Data Substitution and Estimation
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Market Timetable Procedure
The Market Timetable Procedure specifies the period that various documents are to be provided to the Power System Controller or provided by the Power System Controller to relevant stakeholders.
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IES Deemed Load Profile Proposal
Identifies the Market Operator’s intention to use a deemed load profile as one element determining Jacana Energy’s non-interval meter consumption and to establish the total IES load at the Transaction Reference Point (TRP).
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Generator Offer Procedure
The Generator Offer Procedure specifies the principles and supporting rules, and point of clarification for submitting daily dispatch offers to the Power System Controller.
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Generator Forecasting Compliance Procedure
Seeks to address the Network Technical Code (Code) requirement for Power and Water to publish a procedure that specifies the process to be used to detect and respond to generator capacity forecasting non-compliance to the accuracy obligations of the Code.
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