The following procedures and guidelines are published by NTESMO.

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NMI Allocation Procedure
It's our responsibility to manage the wholesale exchange of electricity and to provide daily publication of market prices and other wholesale trading data.
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Power system incident reporting guidelines v1
This guideline aims to provide a framework to review, investigate, and report power system incidents to check the effectiveness of power system security.
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NTESMO Communications Guideline
This is to detail the information exchange rules for the Northern Territory Electricity Market (NTEM).
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NTESMO B2B Procedure Customer and Site Details Notification Process
This Procedure specifies the standard process and data requirements for the communication, updates and reconciliation of Customer, Life Support and Site details
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NTESMO Standing data for MSATS
Details the data requirements for the various data elements comprising the CATS Standing Data stored for each NMI, together with relevant examples and definitions.
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NTESMO MSATS Procedure CATS procedure principles
These are the MSATS Procedures – Consumer Administration and Transfer Solution (CATS) Procedure Principles and Obligations made under clause S7A.1.3 of the NT NER Rules.
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NTESMO B2B Procedure Technical delivery specification
This Procedure defines Participant interactions with the e-Hub.
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NTESMO B2B Procedure Service order process
This B2B Procedure: Service Order Process published by NTESMO in accordance with clause S7A.1.3 of the NT NER, and specifies Service Order communication and transaction data.
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NTESMO B2B Procedure one way notification process
NTESMO B2B Procedure One way notification process - Not used in NT procedures.
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