Notice of consultation – RESIP – Draft Inputs, Assumptions and Scenario Report

Date of notice:  14 June 2024

The Regulated Electricity System Investment Plan (RESIP) is a 10 year whole-of-system investment plan, from July 2025, for the NT’s regulated electricity systems, which covers the Darwin-Katherine Electricity System (DKES), the Alice Springs Power System (ASPS) and Tennant Creek Power System (TCPS). The RESIP will outline the requirements for achieving a new generation mix that balances cost-effectiveness, system security, reliability requirements and achieve the NTG 50% renewable energy target.

The RESIP has developed the draft Inputs, Assumption and Scenario Report (IASR). The draft IASR and appendix datasheets is a culmination of work from RESIP engagements with system participants in 2023 and more recent data collection from stakeholders.

The intent of the IASR is to consolidate and document the data that will be an input for the modelling of the RESIP to determine the investments required in the NT regulated power systems to satisfy capacity, system security and reliability requirements. The completion of the RESIP (for which the IASR is an input) is December 2024.

NTESMO will be conducting a consultation session with existing stakeholders and other interested parties on the draft IASR documentation.

Matters under consultation

The scope of the consultation is limited to the following materials for the RESIP.

Invitation to make a submission

This notice advises Stakeholders that have been previously involved within the RESIP development will be provided the IASR documentation in preparation for a planned consultation session. Stakeholders are welcomed to comment on any part of the draft IASR including accompanying datasheets.

Other interested parties can register with NTESMO for access to the draft IASR materials by writing to by 5.00pm (ASCT) on Wednesday 26 June 2024.

Should a submission seek to amend any aspect of the IASR, a clear rationale should be provided and ideally substantiated by evidence and or reference to reputable source(s). It is intended that all submissions will be published unless specifically requested otherwise. Stakeholders and interested parties may also provide a public submission on this IASR or part thereof coupled with a confidential submission on aspects of the datasets if required.

Any submissions seeking to amend the IASR documentation should be cognisant that the IASR, including any agreed amendments, will be published.


The consultation will be held at 9:00am to 11:00am (ASCT) Thursday 27 June 2024. Invitations will be provided to all registered stakeholders.  The consultation session will be streamed through MS Teams with limited seating available for in person participation at the venue.

Closing date and time

Submissions in response to this Notice and the IASR consultation session should be sent by email to by 5.00pm (ASCT) on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

Submissions will be accepted any time before the closing date.

IASR Endorsement and Publication

The final amended IASR documentation, post consultation, will be submitted to the Electricity Market Reform Implementation Taskforce (EMRIT) for endorsement . The endorsed IASR documentation will be published on the NTESMO website.