Power System Incident Reporting Guideline

Power and Water Corporation in its capacity as the Power System Controller is seeking to update the Power System Incident Reporting Guideline (Guideline).

The Guideline is maintained by the Power System Controller under the System Control Technical Code (Code).

The deadline for submissions to be made on the proposed changes to the Guideline has now closed.

Power and Water Corporation (System Control) received one submission from:

Power and Water Corporation - Power Services (as the Network Operator)

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Power and Water in its capacity as the Power System Controller has reviewed the above submission and provided a response.

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Below is our original call for submissions:

Recent amendments to the Code were conditionally approved by the Utilities Commission on 05 July 2023, pending the finalisation of the Guideline. This proposed version of the Guideline has been produced with consideration towards the discussions held with stakeholders throughout the course of the Code amendment consultation process.

The scope of the Guideline content remains largely unchanged since its last publication (for consultation) on the NTESMO site on 29 September 2021. The arrangement of wording and paragraph headings have been altered to provide a clearer presentation of the same information. Adjustments, however, have been made to the Guideline to ensure that the enforceable recommendations made during the reportable incident process are limited to those which are non-compliant with the regulatory obligations and Codes.

The aim of the Guideline is to be informative in nature; to provide supplementary information pertaining to the criteria for reportable incidents, the incident investigation process, and the structure and expected timeframes of the brief and final reports. It is important to note that the Power System Controller does not attain powers in the Guideline not defined in the Code.

Please review the document, make comments and ask questions for us to consider and address.

Consultation questions

These are provided as a prompt for stakeholders and interested parties regarding areas that are of particular interest to System Control:

Stakeholders are also encouraged to provide submissions outside of the prompted areas, should they feel it necessary.

How to make a submission

Submissions on the proposed updates to the Guideline are invited to be made by 4pm ACST Wednesday 22 November 2023.

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Power and Water will publish all submissions received in full. Should a stakeholder consider sections of their submission as confidential, a separate public version of the submission should be provided to Power and Water for publication.