Notice of consultation - NTESMO Communications Guideline and MSATS Procedures

Date of Notice: 31 January 2024

This Notice of First Stage of Rules Consultation (Notice) informs all relevant parties including;

The Consultation is being conducted under clause S7A.1.3 of the Northern Territory National Electricity Rules (NT NER), in accordance with the rules consultation requirements in NT NER clause 8.9.

NTESMO Communications Guideline and MSATS Procedures v1.2 Consultation PDF, 738.77 KB

This Issues Paper has been prepared to detail the Proposal. The Changes have been developed under NTESMO’s power to manage the ongoing development of the information exchange processes as contemplated by NT NER S7A.1.3.

Matters under consultation

The changes (Changes) which are proposed (Proposal) are to:

Summary of Proposal

NTESMO Communications Guideline PDF, 1684.13 KB

Amended document

The Communications Guideline together with the associated procedures and guides necessary for participants in the NTEM to develop and maintain their systems for the specified information exchange purposes contained within the Guideline.

NTESMO B2B Procedure Customer Site Details Notification Process PDF, 2368.37 KB

Amended documenty

This Procedure specifies the standard process and data requirements for the communication, updates and reconciliation of Customer, Life Support and Site details.

NTESMO B2B Procedure Service Order Process PDF, 6122.98 KB

Amended document

This Procedure defines standard process and transaction data requirements, which enables Participants to request defined services “Service Orders” and to receive confirmation that the work will or will not be undertaken (or attempted)

NTESMO B2B Procedure Meter Data Process PDF, 1943.69 KB

Amended document

It provides Participants a standard format for:

  1. receiving, requesting and querying meter data; and
  2. receiving and requesting remote services for on demand reads, scheduling reads and metering installation inquiries.

NTESMO B2B Guide PDF, 2631.07 KB

Amended document

This Guide describes how B2B Communications are typically used in standard processes in the NTEM. It aims to provide interested parties with an understanding of how B2B Communications defined in the B2B Procedures are used in the context of the broader industry scenarios, and to assist participants when forming their respective bilateral/commercial agreements.

NTESMO MSATS CATS Procedures PDF, 4249.78 KB

Amended document

These are the Market Settlements and Transfer Solution (MSATS) Procedures – Consumer Administration and Transfer Solution (CATS) Procedure Principles and Obligations made under clause S7A.1.3 of the Northern Territory National Electricity Rules (NT NER) (Rules).

NTESMO Standing Data for MSATS PDF, 7023.78 KB

Amended document

This document details the data requirements for the various data elements comprising the CATS Standing Data stored for each NMI, together with relevant examples and definitions.

The consultation process

NTESMO invites written submissions for the matters under consultation, including any alternative or additional proposals which may provide a more efficient information exchange process for the Northern Territory Electricity Market.

NTESMO Participant Response template DOCX, 314.22 KB

Submissions in response to this Notice should be sent by email by 5:00pm (ACST) on 1 March 2024 to -Consultation period has now closed.

Please use this NTESMO Participant Response template and send any queries in respect of the Consultation to the same email.

NTESMO is not obliged to consider late submissions for this reason. A late submission should explain the reason for lateness and the detriment to you if NTESMO does not consider the submission.

Please identify any confidential parts of your submission which you wish to remain confidential, explaining why. NTESMO may still publish that information, if it does not consider it to be confidential, and contact will be made prior to publishing. Please note that material identified as confidential may be given less weight in the decision-making process than material that is published.

In your submission, you may request a meeting with NTESMO to discuss the matters under consultation, stating why you consider a meeting is necessary or desirable.

If appropriate, meetings may be held jointly with other Consulted Persons. NTESMO will generally make details of matters discussed at a meeting available to other Consulted Persons and may publish them, subject to confidentiality restrictions.

Summary of consultation stages

Process StageDate
Publication of Issues Paper 31 January 2024
Closing date for submissions in response to Issues Paper 1 March 2024
Publication of draft report and determination (Draft Report) 5 April 2024
Closing date for submissions in response to Draft Report 10 May 2024
Publication of Final Report and Determination (Final Report) 7 June 2024

NTESMO developed the Changes in the interests of improving the NTEM information exchange processes. The Changes do not require AEMO MSATS or B2B e-Hub system changes. Some of the participants may require system changes due to the Changes.